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Whether is the transformer requires maintenance or simply rewiring is needed in your business, Power Quality Services can help your restaurant with any major electrical repair work that you might need. We focus on delivering quality so you only have to make one call to get your electrical problem solved.

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  • A restaurant electrician is responsible for installing all new equipment, like ovens, refrigerators and microwaves, in the facility. This includes running wires to the designated location, making sure that the equipment receives the proper voltage and following all building codes and regulations to ensure its safe operation. Most of the equipment in restaurants have specialized duties and must be installed a certain way in order for them to operate properly. The restaurant electrician must know the criteria for each one.


  • The electrician in a restaurant will make repairs to all electrical equipment and wiring in the facility. This includes all the outlets, lighting fixtures and switches that run throughout the building. Some of this specialized equipment will require the electrician to know how to read wiring diagrams. Many have several electrical components that can become damaged or defective over time, and the electrician must know how to troubleshoot this in order to find the defect.

Preventive Maintenance

  • A restaurant electrician sets up a comprehensive preventive maintenance program for each piece of equipment in the restaurant. This will include cleaning the electrical components, inspecting the equipment’s electrical system and making minor adjustments before problems arise, according to the AE Tech website. A good electrician will spend most of the time doing preventive maintenance in the restaurant in order for the equipment to be operating during peak hours of operations.

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