Hotel Electrical Services

In the service industry, hotels require power quality service in order to save money and at the same time keep their customers happy. Hotel electrical services require a master electrician that knows how to help management save on the electrical bill and yet at the same time provide the electrical infrastructure to make sure that clients have a pleasant experience in their stay.

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Hotel Related Electrical Services in Houston

We can help you with all your hotel electrical needs, from lighting installation to electrical maintenance, we are your first choice in hotel electrical contractors

That is why Power Quality Service provides quality electrical services for Hotels in the greater Houston area. From pool-related electrical repair to complex wiring for Air Conditioning installation, we provide the greatest quality at the right price. Not having the right hotel contract electrician might save you a few pennies but will always end up costing you more in the future.

Why don’t you do the right thing for your hotel and hire the right hotel electrician to take a look at your project. We are sure you will be satisfied with our job.

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    □Breakdown and so forth room circuit pipeline, lamps and lamps, electrical fitting and switch plug Removes

    □All wooden type of items damage service

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    □Bilateral other agreement contents

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    □The vacant room periodic inspection is clean

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    □The generation provides the water and electricity charges

    □Receives on another’s account the rent and also the generation saves

    □Acts being an agent the important thing

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    Service remuneration for services made standard

    1. The area number determines every year based on the room within the charge amount

    (In room family room based on a concept, Wei Yu, kitchen doesn’t count)

    Two services remuneration for services made: Renminbi:4,000 Yuan

    Three services remuneration for services made: Renminbi:5,000 Yuan

    Four services remuneration for services made: Renminbi:6,000 Yuan

    Five services remuneration for services made: Renminbi:7,000 Yuan

    Below serves the remuneration for services made to analogize consequently.

    2. The home temporarily nobody housing (or employing), you also also are prepared to trust us to keep the constant maintenance routine maintenance, the service remuneration for services made standard are

    Within half year nobody housing, based on above service remuneration for services made standard 70% idea

    Inside a year nobody housing, based on above service remuneration for services made standard 50% idea

    3. Aside from the service remuneration for services made, like will replace each type of fitting, the fabric and so forth charges the fabric expense based on the actual cost The constant maintenance time will exceed 2 day above superbly to charge the labor cost (a guy-hour of unit cost is going to be: 100 Yuan/people Day) Replaces the domestic electric home appliances that the newspaper repairs based on the actual service situation to charge the charge

    4. The service remuneration for services made gathers a period based on every year, after first gathers serves. If has got the extra disbursement part (for instance: Material expense, labor cost and maintenance cost and so forth), this expense may rely on you to definitely facilitate time again pays

    Lives in contentment the management service center

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