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Each business requires a specialized electrician, not all electrical contractors are made the same. This is specially true when dealing with shopping centers and other commercial locals/establishments because each business needs some one knowledgable in the complex electrical matrix of each local. Considering the increased demand for electrical services thanks to the booming economy in Houston, Texas, you need a reliable electrician if you want your business to be a successful one.

Here at Power Quality Services we understand the uniqueness of your business, that is why we have a dedicated service for Shopping Centers and other commercial

Houston best quality electrical contractor

Serving the Houston Metropolitan Area.

establishments since we know that each business is as unique as the clients that visit it. Do not settle for just about any commercial electrical contractor, get one of the best master electricians in Houston. Under the guidance of Juan Lara, our chief master electrician, we will help you find the most convenient electrical solution for your business. We cover a wide range of electrical services for commercial spaces such as electrical generator installation, commercial lighting, transfer switch installation, ATS repair, and many more emergency electrical services available to your business for some of the best prices in the whole Houston Area.

There is nothing more expensive that an unreliable service, that is why you should get in touch with someone who knows what he is doing. We can assure you we are among the best electrical contractor services in the whole Houston metropolitan area. Give us a call today and see the difference for yourself.

5 Responses to Shopping Center Electrical Contractor -Houston, Texas

  • Patrick says:

    I am selling my condo along with a potential buyer has requested some specifics on our electrical service.

    I checked out the main panel and also the primary breaker is really a 100, does which means that we’ve 100amp service?

  • Alex says:

    do you know the ct’s on electrical sevices for

  • Kaden says:

    when there is a blackout or, a whole lot worse, electrical service continues to be disrupted for many several weeks due to an all natural disaster or something like that else just as unforeseeable?

    Just how much gas does an electrical generator that’s large enough to energy a little house use whether it runs 24/7? Can there be another fuel source besides gas you can use to operate an electrical generator?

    You will find some really useful solutions here. Thanks.

  • Brian says:

    I want an electrical installer to set up pot lights making some electrical wiring during my basement and I wish to be aware of cost before I place an order. What are the electrical services company in Oakville district which could give a minimum of approximately cost of labor immediately?


    I simply installed an electric service panel and *leaped* my fuse panel to some primary turn off then to my new panel. I’ve rewired the house and also have discovered that only one for reds of my service panel works can anybody let me know why?

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