Commercial Electric Generator Installation in Houston, TX

For all your commercial generator needs, you need to rely on a company that can not only adapt to your business electric needs but also can make the installation process as smooth and easy as possible . We understand that every business has different generator needs, and that is why our master electrician Juan G Lara will supervise himself from inception to completion the whole installation and maintenance process.

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Why do you need professional commercial electric generator installation?

Let us help you install your commercial electric generator

Commercial Electric Generator Installation

Because your business is one of your most important life assets and each commercial installation is unique. A generator is literally wired to your business electrical system and therefore the most accurate measurements need to be taken care of. To connect a standby generator to the electrical system, a separate apparatus called an automatic transfer switch will also need to be installed. The transfer switch is what “switches” your power source from the power grid to the generator and back. A professional electrician must install the transfer switch, and Power Quality Service in Houston can provide that special installation.

What are the advantages of installing a commercial electric generator?

Electricity is a great example of something most businesses don’t think much about – until it’s not available.
Any food service business that’s had to throw out thousands of dollars worth of meat and produce after a power failure knows that even fairly short outages can be very expensive. The right electric generators can prevent this kind of loss. And in some situations, having power is even more critical: hospitals, for example, need to have top-notch electric power backup systems. Like restaurants, schools also require for safety reasons to have electricity readily available. Office buildings do as well need to have backup systems to help prevent data loss and other calamities that come with any power shortage.

We understand that each business has unique needs, let us help you find the fastest and most efficient solutions for your electric generator needs.

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  • Mr SoLo DoLo says:

    Whenever there exists a energy outage the Genset Fires up, however shutsdown after about a minute. When we restart it by hand it’ll start after which shut lower again to another minute. Clearly, when the energy has gone out, the Generator ought to be running. Can anybody let me know why this really is happening.

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